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What is SamfundsTanken?

SamfundsTanken is a cross-policy industry-independent think tank based on donations.

Among other things, we document that UBI/citizen wage in Denmark not only can be financed,
but also that it will be of great benefit to all, if constructed optimally.

SamfundsTanken is more solution- than problem oriented
Meaning that we strive to work with those solutions that may have the greatest impact collectively – instead of finding and handling the biggest, but perhaps unsolvable, problems, which think tanks often analyze. We encourage critical thinking (watch the video on the right) and seek to deliver material for this process, and receive all critique thereof.


The team in SamfundsTanken consists of a wide range of analysts and specialists from a broad range of the layers of society.


 At SamfundsTanken, we believe that what is important is to create the best possible society, together.


 Feel free to send us a line or two. We strive to reply within a few days.

Would you like to support us?
Donate any amount, and help us make UBI a reality


You can become a member, and thereby gain democratic influence on who leads SamfundsTanken, via the Annual General Meeting.

A Basic membership costs 20 DKK/month (less than 1 DKK a day!), which primarily covers the costs to hold the Annual General Meeting and administer our members – a bigger membership may be purchased to support our analytical work (But does not provide any greater influence).

Membership may also be purchased via Mobile Pay 52 65 30 09 or via transfer for reg: 5363 account 0000243574 (Internationally; Account owner: Samfundstanken, Account number: 53630243574, IBAN account number: DK3353630000243574, SWIFT/BIC: ALBADKKK) by transferring the amount of the chosen membership and note your email address as a comment for the recipient.

Email (for membership information)

Your continued support is important for our ability to work towards a better Denmark for all in the future as well.
Thank you,


+45 40 45 80 32
CVR: 37100129

Meeting address:

“Business House Roskilde”
Jernbanegade 27,

DK-4000 Roskilde