is a bridge between people


At SamfundsTanken we believe…

that what matters is that we create the best possible society, together.

We strive to have our facts straight, complete objectivity, an overview on all perspectives, understanding of and willingness to learn from others, as well as give full and comprehensible answers to serious questions.
In order for the debate to be constructive, precise and effective, SamfundsTanken has chosen a communication strategy that reflects our view on society – based on facts, ethics, transparency and documentation. And acknowledging that errors can and will occur, which we will strive to minimize.

We are also aware that the subjects we are working with, and the research behind them are very complex, and that people’s emotions to some extent affect their understanding of the subjects.

Since we are working with a long process aiming to change society, where well considered questions and precise answers are most important, we have selected the most knowledgeable people to comment on the details of the subjects.

Do not hesitate to pose questions as seen below. Thank you.

We are only human, and we will no doubt make errors along the way, collectively as well as personally. We will inform you about those as soon as possible, and explain and correct them.

Nobody is perfect, so do not hesitate to correct us. We appreciate, if as many as possible scrutinize our material. The important thing is that we achieve a better society, not that we immediately prove that we are in the right on how to do better. So please expand on and document where and why you believe there is an error, and send it to us. To ensure the correctness and depth of our communication, we usually do not answer questions live, neither personally nor over the phone, and we don’t give live interviews. We are aware that this cuts us off from some media and ways of communicating, but it is our hope that we can make it worthwhile by being recognized and respected for not compromising our scientific values, but insisting on understanding, depth and professional competency in our communication.

Please send us a line or two

We strive to reply within a couple of days.

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