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Society ThinkTank is organized as a member-democratic association

and we encourage everyone to become a member.

We do so to ensure that we may continue to represent society as a whole with cross-policy analyses and solutions to societal challenges, where we strive to improve the circumstances for all rather than a few interest groups.

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articles of association
summary from our Founding Meeting 09-20-2015 (downloads as PDF).

Our interaction with members primarily takes place via email and via the professional web-forum currently being built, which replaces www.ubinow.dk and adds debate options for UBI and Sustainable Foods both as well as upcoming projects and Society ThinkTank in general – For now, you are referred to www.facebook.com/samfundstanken and www.ubinow.dk.

The primary work done by both volunteers and our employees is the development of solid-cast solutions to societal problems, with the purpose of examining all perspectives thoroughly and creating a collective, optimal solution – ’optimal’ meaning the solution that, based on current scientific consensus, is of the most benefit to society, including the fact that the solutions must be politically feasible in the existing societal structure, with a clear understanding of the many psychological factors that are part of the political choices of every citizen.

We document our considerations, sources and conclusions meticulously, and we encourage anyone with qualifications within the relevant subject area to be constructively critical towards all our statements and findings – we are only human and will occasionally make mistakes or grow wiser, however, we are aware of this, and we openly and happily correct any errors when necessary: In Society ThinkTank it is imperative that the end result is as correct as possible, and that our work produces the greatest possible benefit to society as a whole.

Our primary focus and current example of our work is UBInow – an opportunity to eradicate unemployment and poverty in Denmark, while enabling lower taxes, increasing social mobility and providing a higher surplus for companies and their owners both. To learn more click here or in the menu under “UBInow”.

Who we are

The core team in Society ThinkTank consists of a variety of analysts and specialists from all leyers of society,
who collectively work with examining the subjects and documenting the validity of our results.

Soeren O. Ekelund

Project Developer, Analyst & Founder
Born in 1984 in Denmark, residing in Copenhagen. Data analyst, engineer specialized in production and management, tech developer, serial entrepreneur and filanthropist.

Henrik S. Jakobsen

CEO & Chairman of the Board
Born in 1983 in Denmark, residing in Holbæk. Master of Development and International Relations, organizational leader and science teacher.

Kirsten Riddervold

CFO, COO & Treasurer
Born in 1989 in Denmark. Society analyst and project manager for Sustainable Foods. Has 10 years of experience as a volunteer and as manager of a summercamp for vulnerable children.

Katrine Ida Olsson

Graphic Designer
Born in 1988 in Denmark. Is currently in training as a media graphic at Novo Nordisk and has worked as a volunteer with education, animals, nature conservation in South Africa, Namibia and Denmark.

Jesper Pedersen

Social Media & Design
Born in 1985 in Denmark. Holds a candidate in culture, communication and globalization specialized in market and consumption, and has experience from numerous NGO's regarding communication and PR.

Ida Juul Farver

Communications Manager & Vice Chairman of the board
Born in 1980 in Denmark. Master in English and European Studies, specialized in Value Based Management and Nordic Management.

Allan Jensen

Born in 1977 in Denmark. Teacher and course developer in astronomy, mathematics and physics. Developer and project manager for Optimal Education.

Jon Seemann Pedersen

Datatechnician, speciality in infrastructure and BSc n Agricultural Economics from the faculty of bioscience at the university of Cobenhagen


You can become a member, and thereby gain democratic influence regarding who leads Society ThinkTank and which subjects are prioritized, via the board and the annual general meeting.

Society ThinkTank’s economy is based on members and donations, which ensures our independence from political parties as well as the industry in general. We accept membership from anyone who wish to support our work, but we do not pay more attention to someone in our community, merely because they finance our work – then we choose rather to work a bit slower and a 100% unbiased.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in Society ThinkTank, which is why a Basic membership only costs 20 DKK/month (less than 1 DKK a day), which primarily covers the costs to hold the general annual meeting and the costs of administrating members- a bigger membership can be had and donations can be made to support our analytical work continuously (but it will not provide you with additional influence, one member is one vote at the general annual meeting).

Membership can also be had via MobilePay to 52 65 30 09 or via a bank transfer to reg. 9210 account 4585757999 by sending the amount matching your choice of membership as well as note your email-address as a note to the recipient account.

Email-address( for membership information)

Learn more about Donation by clicking here or in the menu under “Støt fremtiden”.

Your continuous support is important to our ongoing work towards a better Denmark for all.

Thank you,
Society ThinkTank

There are currently no available positions.

If you would like to volunteer in Society ThinkTank, you’re welcome to send us your CV, as well as a short note on how you wish to contribute. Together we can improve society.


Society ThinkTank is based in people’s motives for working
This means that in our solutions, the motives which truly provide the best yield to the whole are an important foundation (and those motive are, despite people using it as a mantra, rarely money).

Learn more on TED and in this scientific article.


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