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SamfundsTanken is a cross-political and democratic organized union – this means that we do not have personal, political or industrial motives, and we only listen to You – the citizen, the ethics and the science.

BUT, this also means that there are no direct “customers” for our community analyzes and implementation projects, and therefore we depend on your individual citizenship support.

We really wish we could do without money. But there are limits to what you can focus on as voluntary and with private equipment. Not least when we meet opposition from economically strong political parties and industrial lobbyists. Although our employees are highly competent, we rely on donations to effectively perform analysis for society and ensure implementation of the results.

In order to continue our work as best as possible, and with the most effective results, we ask for donations from everyone who is able to support us – all amounts are valued and even small amounts make a big difference overall.

Whether you can support SamfundsTanken economically or not – PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD – if we want a better society, we all have to communicate about it and support each other’s efforts.

There can currently be donated with PayPal, credit cards and Dankort below, account transfer to Danish reg. 5363 account 0000243574 (Internationally; Account owner: Samfundstanken, Account number: 53630243574, IBAN account number: DK3353630000243574, SWIFT/BIC: ALBADKKK) and with MobilePay to +45 52 65 30 09.

General donations are solely for our work to develop and implement community improvements. Donations mean that we can spend more time, and thus focus more, on the tasks. They allow us to to purchase relevant computer calculations and existing analyzes, to travel to meet with specialists, and to make other major expenses that we need in our work. (It will later be possible to donate specifically to the individual focus areas and activities if you prefer this – note so far if possible by your donation or in an email what you prefer to see focusing your support on.)

Would you like to support our work?
Then please donate, and help us make a better society a reality


You can also become a member, thus gaining a democratic influence on who leads SamfundsTanken through the General Assembly.

For basic membership we ask for 20 DKK / month (less than 1 DKK / day!) which mainly covers the costs of holding the annual general meeting, and managing the members. Larger membership fees may be subscribed to for continuously supporting our analytical work (but does not give any further influence).

Membership can be created via MobilePay to +45 52 65 30 09, or via account transfer to reg. 5363 account 0000243574 (Internationally; Account owner: Samfundstanken, Account number: 53630243574, IBAN account number: DK3353630000243574, SWIFT/BIC: ALBADKKK) by sending the desired membership amount. Regardless which way you choose, please remember to note your email adress as a message to the recipient.

E-mail (for membership data)

Become a member! Your ongoing support is important for us to work towards a better Denmark for all in the future.

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